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Studio 37 is a multi-disciplinary practice involved not only in architecture but in design in general. Our vision expands far beyond the routines of architecture to encompass broader subjects of art and design. To us, creating a single spoon is as exciting and intriguing as designing a skyscraper. This flexibility in design has enabled us to incorporate in our projects a wide range of innovative solutions and design processes.
We are committed to exploring new methodologies that consider beyond normative conventions that dominate the contemporary practice and move towards establishing new and re-envisioned criteria and concepts for buildings and products.


Studio 37 Design Agency always strives to have a deep understanding of its clients’ business. This in-depth understanding will lead to the creation of precise, unique design solutions that will ultimately increase the customer’s brand position in national and international markets. Studio 37 is always trying to show the spirit of your business in its services and products, just take a look at the design of project that Studio 37 has created.


Our Thinking with the Best In today’s competitive world, you need to be aware that in order to be the best design of graphic, space and product. One of the most important concerns of Studio 37 has always been working with big brands, this has its own challenges for us, but we will never forget that these challenges have made us the best, most creative and most special.

Clients & Partners

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