KaNo Studio

KaNo Studio  is an interdisciplinary design studio. We believe in the importance of how spaces and building interact with, and ‘talk’, to people.

We do this by analyzing how buildings and spaces from a ‘user-centric perspective to identify touchpoints and to choreograph people’s interaction with and journey through a space to make it intuitive, memorable and enjoyable.

We work at the intersection of architecture, branding and environmental design to help our clients create a holistic, seamless and integrated experience that unites architecture, their brand ethos and local heritage into one coherent and authentic experience. We always look at the ‘user first’ and see our work as the ‘user interface’ for the built environment.

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Our vision expands far beyond the routines
of architecture to encompass broader subjects of art and design. To
us, creating a single spoon is as exciting and intriguing as designing a
skyscraper. This flexibility in design has enabled us to incorporate in our
projects a wide range of innovative solutions and design processes. We
are committed to exploring new methodologies that consider beyond
normative conventions that dominate the contemporary practice and
move towards establishing new and re-envisioned criteria and concepts
for buildings and products.

Our Work

We help our clients make complex processes simple, memorable and enjoyable, building a bespoke narrative into the journey about the place and its unique heritage and culture.

We create a user interface between the user and the physical environment – creating physical and digital touch points between a brand, the built environment and a visitor. As such, our work offers our clients a chance to communicate their values and vision – be they municipalities, public institutions or private corporations.


We’ve come together from many different backgrounds, united by our passion for working critically—and with curiosity, integrity and camaraderie.

Our shared goal: to design elegant, effective and environmentally responsive solutions for an intentionally broad range of clients.


KaNo Studio is a team of collaborative, innovative thinkers who enjoy contributing to our dynamic, rewarding studio culture.

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